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Frequently Asked Questions​...

Tell me about your awesome attendants! We are committed to having at least one engaging photo booth attendant on site for your event. They will ensure your experience with the bus is engaging and fun. Purchase our add on guestbook and we will facilitate your guests leaving behind photos with words of encouragement.

Are there additional costs to the package price? Nope, all the fees are explained in our package details. There are some add-on costs if you decide to extend hours for your guests, or you decide you'd like us to arrive extra early to your event for photo opportunities. We have travel costs that offset the cost of travel outside our territory. Contact us and we will give you a quote for your out-of-town venue.

Do you have guestbook services? We sure do! We offer a guest book service that includes a copy of every person who visits the bus during your event. Keep in mind, not all guests feel comfortable with how they look in their pictures so because of that, we don't guarantee all guests will place a photo in the book. Our attendants will sure encourage them to!

When do you set up for an event? We will typically arrive 1 hour prior to your event. Set up takes about 30 minutes, so we'll be ready 20 - 30 minutes before your event begins. We take about 30 minutes to tear down. There is no extra charge for set-up or take down and it is not part of your 3-4 hour time frame.

What about inclement weather? If we are set up inside your venue, weather won't be an issue. If road conditions don't allow us to make it to the event (mechanical or extreme weather issues) you will be given a full refund. We are able to operate in light rain and snow. If weather turns miserable during the event and we are unable to operate, and more than half of the amount of time hasn't been used, you will be given a partial refund. If more than half of your time has been used, there will not be a partial refund.

How many prints do I get at my event? Each person who jumps in the bus for a photo op receives one print. They can visit the bus as many times as they would like and they will receive a print each time they visit. Consider our add-on wooden keepsake guestbook that can be engraved with your names and wedding date.

How do I reserve my date? Contact us with your date. A retention deposit can be paid in the amount of $200. This holds your date for you and only you! Remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the event. Want to make arrangements to make payments each month, we can do that too!

Can you bring the bus inside a venue? We love to go where the party is. Get confirmation and approval from your venue that a bus can fit inside their space and we will do it! We must be able to push our bus through a large doorway to get to the inside where all the action is. We will need a space that's about 10' x 20' in order to park. The dimensions of the bus are approximately 7' wide, 14' long and about 7' tall.

Can I personalize my photo strips? Of course you can! Most people include the name of the bride and groom and date of the event, some couples even have a logo. If it's a corporate or community event, we can work with you to create an event logo, monogram, business branding or URL on each and every photo strip your guests receive. This service is part of your package.

What is your refund policy? All sales and deposits are final and non-refundable. Unless we have mechanical issues or extreme weather, then a full refund will be given.

What if there is vandalism to the bus? We hope this never happens, but in the event it does, we will charge a fair and equitable amount to the client who booked the event. This amount will cover the cost to repair or replace the damage. It will be up to you (the booking client) to collect the amount from your guest.

Wi-Fi availability? Wi-fi helps us when we are using social media platforms to provide extra's as it relates to the booth. If Wi-fi is not available, don't worry, all of your images will be saved in our social media and posted as soon as a network connection is available.

I paid my deposit, when is the remainder of the balance due? The final balance is due 30 days prior to your event. If we don't receive payment prior to the event we cannot show up at your event. We will do our best to contact you 30+ days prior to your event to remind you when your final balance is due.

Printing problems? We don't anticipate printing problems, however if our printer goes out or doesn't want to print we will mail copies of all the photos to the customer who booked the event and will give a $50 refund. Our hosts will receive a USB with all the copies of the photos taken inside the bus as part of the package.

What if I want flower arrangements on the bus? We typically add a wreath to the front of the bus and a vine of leaves with small flowers that sit on top of the bus below the 'photo' sign. The colors will be green (leaves) with neutral flowers all in an artificial arrangement. If you would rather have your florist provide fresh flowers that coordinate with your wedding colors, then consider doing that as an option. We won't charge to have your florist do this. We will ask to be involved in the placement of these items.

Can I use the bus as a prop in my photo shoot? We love collaborating with photographers and coordinators for editorial shoots and mini photo shoots. We are developing a program right now to allow collaboration with photographers.

Do you ever donate Little Photo Bus services for fundraisers or charity events? YES! We pride ourselves in being a socially conscious business involved in the causes important to our community. We set number of giving hours each quarter of the year for this purpose. If you are interested in including Little Photo Bus for your fundraiser or charity event, please contact us with advance notice and we can work out the details.

Guests and children using the photo booth inappropriately and abusively. Sometimes guests can get argumentative, abusive or inappropriate. We sure hope this never happens, but if it does we have the right to ask your guest to step away from the bus. If they do not comply we will be in contact with your coordinator to ask them to remove themselves from the bus. If we find guests, young or old, using the props, hats, glasses, canes or any other Little Photo Bus property in an inappropriate, abusive or risky way, the Little Photo Bus reserves the right to discontinue use of the items at any time during the event without any type of refund. Photo booth attendants can ask the guest to remove themselves from the use of the Little Photo Bus as well, if guidelines are not followed.


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We love our bus and the PNW, now we get to bring our Photo Bus fun to you. Contact us below for details. 

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